Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Treat Holder using a piece of 6 x 6 Square paper

This treat holder is quick and easy to make. Great for the holidays or for a party as favors. Here is both the top view and the side view. Takes about 5 minutes to make. What a great little gift for the classroom or for a get together. Have your kids help, they will have fun folding the paper and decorating.
Fill with goodies, I used Hershey Kisses.

Take a piece of 6" x 6" card stock paper and score at 2" and 4" on both sides. Score on an angle in each of the 4 corners only. See picture for example.

Hole punch on each corner.

Decorate and thread through the holes a piece of ribbon or string to close your treat holder. Put a tag on the ribbon if you want to personalize it.

Here is the top view of the treat holder empty.

Fill with goodies.

Here is the gingerbread man treat holder. I used some leftover art from my daughter to decorate the 2 sides.

Here is the snowman treat holder.

Use rubber stamps to decorate before putting together. I used on the tag the fish from our Bigfoot & Pickle Face rubber stamp collection. Our childsafe/washable ink pad in black was used for this project.

Enjoy and have a happy and safe holiday season. Visit our website to find out more about us, or go to our store for your Holiday shopping.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Milk Carton carrier Instructions

Here is the Milk Carton carrier that will go perfectly with the Milk Cartons from a prior post. If you want to fill each carton with different things, this carrier is nice to make to carry them both, if it is a dual gift. If you are going to give away one box, then you would not need the carrier.

There were two sizes of Milk Cartons, so here are the dimensions and instructions for each.

Cut, score and fold.

Glue together the two pieces.

Glued together.

Glue the two carriers together.


Completed with Milk Carton.

Snowman Milk Cartons in carrier.

If you have any questions, please email me and I will be happy to help you. Have fun stamping with your kids and include them on this wonderful project. Visit Bigfoot & Pickle Face website to find out more about us.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Milk Carton Template

It is has been a while since I posted, not sure where the time went. Here is a fun project and great to do for this time of year. You can also use them for party favors for any type of event, just decorate it to accommodate what you are celebrating. Use them as Advent containers, what a wonderful surprise for the kids. Kids can do this project with some help from an adult. Have them help you decorate the container and then you put in the goodies.

There are all different templates out there for Milk Cartons and I had to modify them to accommodate my needs. There are two that I like, one is a square box and bigger then the other. Remember to always try out anything on scrap paper before you use your good paper. Print out the template information below and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, please email me.

Here is the first template listed above, cut out and scored.

Here is the second template cut out and scored.

Glue the side flap and then glue the bottom flaps. Practice first on white card stock or an any paper you don't mind ruining. Here I used patterned paper, but you can definitely use any solid card stock or thick craft paper. I did not glue the top part of the milk carton.

I decorated the boxes after they were assembled because I had patterned paper. If you use solid paper and want to stamp or put any embellishments, then decorate before putting the cartons together as it would be hard to stamp on the carton already assembled.

This box I decorated with the rubber stamp from our Bigfoot & Pickle Face circus collection and used our child safe/washable ink stamp pads. Create a theme by using different stamps, the kids will just love receiving them and finding out what is inside.

Milk Cartons are great for packing up small items and also great for gift cards. Put in some Hershey Kisses for an added bonus. Use these Milk Cartons to pack teacher's gifts, they will love receiving something personally made by their student.

Tomorrow I will post steps for a Milk Carton carrier made from card stock to match the Milk Cartons. Thanks for stopping by and visit our storefront for your rubber stamp needs and go to our website to find out more about us.

Tattoo Markers are great stocking stuffers for this time of the year and the kids LOVE them. They are washable and dry quickly once applied. Tip: have clean dry skin on the area you are going to color.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rubber Stamping and Scrapbooking Show

Bigfoot & Pickle Face had their first booth at the Rubber Stamping and Scrapbook show that was held at the Waukesha Expo Center on October 24th and 25th, 2009. The show was a lot of fun and I met lots of wonderful people.

If you look closer I stamped Bigfoot & Pickle Face rubber stamps on the table skirt using a Stazon ink pad in Jet Black. Our child safe/washable ink pads would have smeared so I used the Stazon Ink which is designed to stamp on plastic.

So if you are having a themed party, purchase some stamps that depict the theme and stamp onto a plastic table cloth or table skirt. You can find inexpensive table clothes at a dollar store and the table skirts at a party store [table skirts are more expensive]. At Bigfoot & Pickle Face we carry 3 themes in rubber stamps: Circus Act, Fun with Fish and Farm Friends.

We held a drawing for those who visited our booth and Gwen Simons won the drawing. Gwen chose the Farm Kit and Circus Set 1 and I included Washable Tattoo Body Markers and the Cake Slice project I did on a prior blog.

Thank you to everyone who visited my booth and a Big Thank You to those who purchased.

Free Printables

Everyone loves something for free, so visit this website called Free and you will find thousands of FREE printables including calendars, cards, activities, worksheets, games, coloring pages, crafts, and more!

Here is a little bit about Free from their website:

"My name is Erik and my wife and I have 4 wonderful kids who are amazing artists! They are ALWAYS drawing! For years we have been keeping printable items for our kids to work on whenever they want to color on fun pages. My wife is also a teacher and is in constant need of printable lessons, crafts, and activities. And me? I am always trying to find a calendar, planner, or other worksheet (not to mention the games!). So I said to myself - why not build a website where I can find all this stuff more easily? And here you have it -! :)
I hope you enjoy as much as I do!
- Erik"

So if you are not in the mood to do some stamping, stop on over to for some great ideas.

Friday, October 16, 2009

More Shaker Card Fun

Here is another shaker card that I did. This time I cut out a square for my window. This is a great idea for holiday cards and you can use the beads as if they were snow.

Use your imagination and you will be amazed at what you will come up with. Let your child work with you and use their imagination and you will have something you will never be able to re-create :)!

Keep stamping and having fun! All of our stamping products are proudly Made in the U.S.A.

How to make a Shaker Card

All crafts are so much fun to do because it takes you out of your routine and gives you the ability to create. Shaker cards are fun to make and fun to give. This is a very easy and quick project to put together with your child.

First choose and image you want to show through your window. I used from our Bigfoot & Pickle Face rubber stamp collection our fish bowl and one of our fun fish images. I rubber stamped both images onto card stock with our child safe/washable ink stamp pad and then I colored in the fish.

I used the exacto knife to cut and "x" in the fish tank and then used sharp scissors to cut out the tank itself. Cut on the inside of the stamped image so you still have the outline of the tank on your card stock.

Cut a piece of Acetate or sheet protector [Acetate is thicker and can be found in the scrapbook section of your local craft store] the same size as your card stock. Turn your "fish tank" onto the back side and glue the clear sheet to it. Then take strips of foam tape and go around your image leaving no spaces, otherwise if you do leave a space your beads will fall through. Depending on the size of your beads, if they are thicker then the foam tape, put another layer of foam tape on top of your existing foam tape [hope this makes sense!]. Your beads will get stuck on the window if your foam tape is not thick enough. Place some beads on top of the clear plastic window~do not use too many as you don't want to cover up your image. Remember, a little bit goes a long way.

Peel of the tape on your foam tape and then stick the "back on" or card stock that has the image you want to show through your window. You have most of your shaker card done!

Have fun decorating and sending out your card! No go and do some stamping and include your children. Kid crafting is so much fun.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cake Slice Project for the Fall

Here is a photo of the cake I recently put together for the Rubber Stamp and Scrapbook Expo I will have a booth at for the weekend of October 24th and 25th, 2009 at the Waukesha Expo Center. I will give this item away for a drawing that I will be having at the show. You can find out how to do this project by going to this link from a previous post.

I used the clear rubber stamps from the Farm Friends collection we carry here at Bigfoot & Pickle Face Creations. Whenever possible I try to use washable products as most of the projects we have are targeted for kids. I stamped the rubber stamp images with our childsafe/washable ink pad.

Come to the show if you are in the area and put your name in the drawing, I would love to see you there! All of our products are Made in the U.S.A.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to make an I Spy Game

You will find this project is so much fun to do with the kids, as they can help choose what to use for the I Spy game pieces. Of course I needed a way to incorporate our wonderful clear stamps into this project so with the use of Shrinky Dinks we were able to condense the size of the image and make it a fun way to incorporate it into the game.

Here I stamped my clear rubber stamp images with Stazon Black ink onto the Shrinky Dink and then colored the images with permanent markers. Stuck them in the oven and cooked them according to the Shrinky Dinks instructions. I used one image from each of the 3 themes we carry, Fun with Fish, Farm Friends and Circus Act. I did a different quantity of each so that they can count how many they see of each when the kids play the game. I drew some pumpkins to add to the fun.

Next, find all the goodies you want to include in your I Spy Game. Use paper clips, safety pins, coins, beads, buttons, some confetti or whatever else you can find handy~don't forget your Shrinky Dink images.

I cut a circle of different sizes from coordinating card stock ~ so that I could layer it later and give my I Spy Game some durability. If you are unable to do a circle, then a square will work just great! Use an Exacto knife with a ruler to cut out the square.

Then clip all pieces of card stock together to layer it.

Cut your layered pieces into a square and then glue them all together. I used a little bit of glue on each sheet around the circle area. I cut another plain piece of card stock the same size as my finished layer pieces to use for the back. Do not put the back on yet!

Glue a clear sandwich bag onto the back of your layered card stock, glue just around the square part and then fill the bag with your "treasures". Use glue to put the back on to cover the baggie and then I used clear packing tape all around the edges to seal it up [framed it]. You can make a note of how many items you put inside the baggie before you seal it up; I did not as some of the pieces do not show because I left the baggie square. Ask your child "how many yellow paperclips can you find", as it is a great way to re-enforce counting.

Have fun with this project and take it on trips as a way to entertain your child~it does not take up much space. Kids crafts are fun when you include your children and rubber stamping can be incorporated in almost any project :).

Thanks for visiting and fill free to comment on this project. Visit our storefront to purchase your stamps today or stop at our website to find out more about us. Never stop stamping!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Rubber Stamping on Shipping Tags

I have a box of shipping tags laying around and so I decided they would make a nice tag for a treat bag. I know I have been focusing on different type of "treat bags", but I wanted to give different options for Halloween as it is just around the corner. If you are having a party or a play date, they make a nice little bag for snacks. Put in a party mix, trail mix or some of your favorite candy and let the kids enjoy. Include them and have them make their own tag for an afternoon craft project and then put the tag on their treat bag for a nice surprise.

This is a very easy project. I took a shipping tag like the one shown below and I glued it onto some printed paper and cut around the tag; do the same process to the back side of the tag. My tag is not white, it was more of a cream color so I covered it with the patterned paper as I don't like the color by itself much. I stamped the pig image from our Bigfoot & Pickle Face Creations rubber stamp Farm Collection on the tag. I added a spider and pumpkin to make it look like Halloween. I removed the string and threaded an orange ribbon through the hang hole and used a brad to hold the ribbon together.

I purchased these "Bagettes" at the craft store, where they had a different variety of sizes to choose from. I filled up the bag with goodies, sealed it and added my newly decorated tag.

Here is the finished tag without the treat bag. I used a blender sponge to add the blue and the green ink around my stamped image. I layered the head of the pig on my stamped image to give it some height and added wiggly eyes for fun.

There are endless ideas for decorating these tags, just use your imagination and include your kids when you are doing craft projects as that will add to the fun. Happy stamping and never stop having fun! Thanks for visiting our blog.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Decorated Sandwich Bag for Treats

I know the previous post talked about decorating header bags that come with your clear stamps, but I realize you may not find those types of bags so here is another option.

You can use generic sandwich or snack bags and fill them with treats. Halloween is just around the corner and if you need something for a party or you want to give out individual bags, you can add a bit of a decoration to a sandwich bag and be the "cool" house on the block. These are great projects to work on with the kids and they will get a joy out of filling the bags.

First measure the size of your sandwich bag on the bottom. Mine was 6-1/2". I wanted to have a flap of 2" so I cut a piece of card stock 6-1/2" x 4" and then scored at 2" on the 4" side.

Staple your card stock to the bottom part of the sandwich bag. You can staple along the middle or down toward the edge of your card stock because you will be covering the staples not matter where you put them. You are stapling at the bottom so you can put your goodies in when you are finished.

Cut our your pieces you want to use to decorate your treat bag. Here I cut out pieces for layering.

Then decorate your bag. Use your clear rubber stamps to add additional images. I did some layering to bring out some additional colors.

Here is the same concept used with a patterned Halloween Ziploc bag. I put the card stock at the top and attached it to the front side above the closer. You can open the bag in the back to fill with treats.

I used clear rubber stamps from our Bigfoot & Pickle Face Creations Farm Collection to add additional decorations to the bag. These clear rubber stamps are great because they can be used for any theme. I used the child safe/washable ink stamp pad in black to stamp the images and then I colored with a combination of colored pencils and markers.

Have fun and continue to visit our blog for updated ideas. Stamping is fun on your own but a blast when you include your children. Thanks for visiting and sign up for email notifications so you can get the up to date information.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stamped Clear Treat Bags

Dress up these bags for a party, family gathering or holiday. You can use recycled bags from clear rubber stamps that you buy; and store your stamps in CD cases for easy access. The bags that I used are polypropylene header bags that seal on the bottom, they usually sell them in large quantities~so you could chip in with some friends if you wanted to keep some on hand. These bags come in all different sizes, depending on the type of "treats" you want to put inside them; you can also check your local craft store to see if they carry them or something similar.

Treats don't necessarily have to be candy, they can be items you pick up at the dollar store for party favors or a healthy snack. A combination of both is nice too.

Take your rubber stamp and stamp your image onto the clear bag using StazOn Jet Black or White. Use a type of ink that dries fast and is designed to stamp on plastic.

Measure the size of your bag and cut out a piece of card stock that is a bit longer. My bag measured 5" x 6" so I cut my card stock at 5" x 7-1/2". I scored at 1-1/2" along the 7-1/2" side. Fold down the clear header on the clear plastic bag and attach the card stock as shown. Staple on either side to hold it shut on the top.

Decorate your bag and fill with goodies. For thebag on the left, I cut a circle 5" round and then folded it in half over the top of the clear header bag.

Have fun with this project and include your kids as they will just love decorating and filling the bags. Great for Halloween treats, Fall Parties, Christmas goodies and birthday parties as it is that time of the year. From our Bigfoot & Pickle Face Creations clear rubber stamp collection I used the circus set stamps. I stamped the saying with our child safe/washable ink stamp pads in the color pink.

Happy stamping and come visit us at our website or storefront to purchase our products that are geared for kids crafts. All products are made in the U.S.A.