Friday, May 29, 2009

Hanging Orb decorated with Clear Rubber Stamp set

Here is a quick and easy project for the kids to make. If you are going to do this project and the kids do not have a lot of time, then cut the circles out in advance to save you time. We decorated with glitter glue so I will add that image once it dries. This is a great ideas to hang at a party or to hang at school. Good gifts for Moms, Dads, Grandparents or Aunt and Uncles.

Stamp out your images onto a piece of paper. Here we used from the fish theme the clear rubber stamp set Fish Set 3 SKU# FSH03. We colored with washable markers and crayons.

Cut our your images once colored.

Cut out circles. I have 2 sizes here - 4" circles and 3 1/2" circles. I used colored paper [not card stock]. You will need 4 circles for 1 orb. You can also use colored paper, wrapping paper, or stamp and color on white paper. For the circles I used Fiskars ShapeTemplate for circles [$5.99 at craft stores], but you can also use anything you have round and trace with a pencil ~ the lid of a butter tub. I am sure you can also use a square instead of circles ~ be creative.

Here we glued the fish on some leftover paper we had from card stock and we just cut out some shapes free hand. We used a glue stick to attach the fish to the card stock.

Take each circle and fold it in half.

Use the glue stick and match 2 differnt color and glue each side of one 1/2 to the other 1/2. Glue 3 circles together. Keep the 4th circle off. [Top circle we glued 2 circles together. Bottom circle we glued 3 circles.]

Take a piece of string or yarn and glue it to the center part of the circle. I used the Elmers Glue on the center part and then used the glue stick around the circle. [see below]

Put your last circle onto the Orb to hide the string. Add additional Orbs to the string.

Lastly we added the fish to the string. You can also add beads onto the string if you want, just make sure you do it before adding additional orbs. Decorate with glitter glue, stickers or anything else you have in mind.

Decorate as much as you want. We will make a set of these for our next birthday party and each kid can take one home. Have fun! This project is great for working with colors and shapes with your children.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

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Happy stamping!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cake Slice Project

Here are a couple of "cakes" we made for the last day of Pre-School. These cake slices are fun to make and roomy to fill with goodies. I filled them with items from the dollar store and with some Rolo's and Hershey Kisses. Many of you thought it was a great idea so here are the steps to make the cake slices. We used both the Clear Rubber Stamps from the Circus Set and then did another cake from the Fish Set.

First, print out the cake slice template. [Right click on the image and save to your computer.] You will need 12 cake slices to make one full cake. I like to use card stock because it is more durable then regular paper. Practice on regular paper before making your final project.

Cut along the solid lines and score along the dotted lines. I cut out the template with a scissors and I purchased a paper cutter with a scorer from the craft store. If you don't have a scorer, then fold over at the dotted line and use something to crease the area. Cut with an exacto knife the line by the flap.

Glue on the back side of the template the two areas noted and fold into a cake slice and seal the glued end. I used a glue stick, as that will give you time to match the ends without a permanent seal and it will allow you to play with before the glue sets permanently. Remember, the glued flaps go on the inside of the cake slice.

Last, decorate your cake slices. I used our clear rubber stamp set along with the washable/child safe ink pad and then decorated with Crayola washable markers and Crayola Washable Colored Pencils. I cut out the images and used a brad to put the circus animals on the top and with the fish set I used foam mounting tape to raise the image up on the cake slice. I used left over paper from cutting out the pie slice to make shapes to add to the box. Add a couple touches of washable glitter glue and any other decorations. When dry, fill with goodies. Have fun and let your child assist with decorating. Great for parties or gifts. I like the following blog and you can go to it for more ideas.

Clear rubber fish stamp set used below. Used scrap paper from the cake slice to make the accessories and used washable glitter glue to add sparkly color.

Completed "Circus Cake" with 12 slices. I purchased a plastic cake plate for $1.00 from a dollar store.

Close up of the Circus Cake slices.

Completed Fish Cake with 12 slices.

Filled with goodies.

Remember to involve your child in your kids craft projects and we always use washable products for easy clean up.