Thursday, February 17, 2011

Melted Snowman Cookie

I am finally taking some time to write something. I did not realize it has been 4 months since I last posted.

Bigfoot gave Dad and I a cute snowman for Valentine's Day that she made in school. It is the cutest thing I have seen and it is made out of a sock. It reminded me a bit of the snowman cookies I made for them in December, which I found on my second camera the other day.

Thought you would enjoy the pictures. Snowman Bigfoot made.

Pickle Face giving the thumbs up on his cookie, but he needs to eat his carrot before he gets his treat.

Bigfoot enjoying her cookie.

Here is the link for the cookie tutorial at Truly Custom Cakery. I did use my own homemade cookie dough from a favorite family recipe. I used a Royal Icing with egg whites that I found on the Internet and it was good, hard on the top but soft underneath. If you are interested, just email me and I can send you the link.

Have a wonderful day crafting (and baking) because at Bigfoot & Pickle Face we love to do both.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Acorn Necklaces

Saw a cute acorn necklace in the Family Fun magazine and thought it would be a wonderful project to do with the Daisy Scouts. So this weekend we went up-north to find acorns and there were hardly any to be found under the fallen leaves; I think the squirrels got to them. So when we got back yesterday, we went to the local park and found a wonderful stash for our Daisy Scout meeting tomorrow.

Bigfoot & Pickle Face had a wonderful time running around in the woods and finding all sorts of treasures.

Here is our single acorn necklace.

Here is our twin acorn necklace.

Bigfoot & Pickle Face together with a friend.

Pickle Face enjoying the weather and running around.

We have been busy lately, but enjoying the fall weather. Take time to spend with the kids doing fun crafts and creating. Thank you for following!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to School for Bigfoot September 2010

Like everyone else, Bigfoot started school in September. She is now in full day Kindergarten and loving it. Here are some pictures of her before school and her taking the bus home.

Pickle Face wanted his hair like his sister, hence the hair bands and he had to have a backpack like hers. He went to school with us and everyone thought his hair was a "hoot". It did not last long and the hair bands came out.

Here they are together posing for the picture.

Bigfoot posing by herself.

Pickle Face and his trademark smile, usually one eye closed.

We dropped Bigfoot off at school which is less the a mile away. She insisted on riding the bus so she takes it home. This is the first time riding the bus home, she loves it!

Hard to believe that she was a tiny baby 5 years ago!

Have fun and enjoy crafting with the little ones as it brings out the child in you.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Biking with Bigfoot

Bigfoot is now officially off of training wheels. She is so proud riding her new "banana seat" bike. Although it is used it is new to her and she does not say anything about the 2 different wheels and the rust on the bike and peddles. The little handle on the back of the bike seat makes it nice to hold the bike up without breaking your back while you are running along side until they learn how to balance on their own. I tried training her with her much smaller bike at the early part of summer and just about broke my back trying to hold her up so I put the training wheels back on.

Here are some photos to enjoy.

She is proud of her seat and is showing mom the cut in the material where she fell.

Showing me her battle wounds, scratches and dings.

Oops, steered on to the lawn.

Riding on her own, whee.

The joy on her face says it all, "I am free". Dad is running beside her to catch her if she falls.

Now she just needs to learn how to stop and get off the bike without tipping over. She moved back to her smaller bike, which makes her look like a big clown on a little bike like you see at the circus, and she is doing great. Soon she will go back to her bigger bike once she gains courage and confidence and the strength to hold it up.

Hope you had a wonderful summer with much learning and crafting.


It has been quite a while since I have posted anything, so I had to tell you about this great deal I got on paper from Scenic Route Paper Company. I love paper and I received my paper today and boy was it nice and many of the pages were double sided. I purchased 100 sheets of paper for $12.00 and the paper is nice and durable.

I subscribe to their email notifications and when I saw the sale I could not pass it up. Look at the wonderful colors and the cute robot paper in the bottom left corner! I will now have to put together a project with my new paper and post it. Time for some fun!

Thanks for being patient with me, summer gets so busy and most of the time is spent outside. Bigfoot and Pickle Face have been getting into the stamps and tattoo markers, I just don't have pictures of them.

Enjoy your weekend and happy stamping and crafting.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finger Print Cards with Washable Ink Pads

In the prior post you saw pictures from Bigfoot's Tie Dye Birthday Party that was lots of fun.

Of course we are doing homemade Thank You cards, so I gave her some suggestions for finger printing the cards. I wrote the word "Thank You" for her to copy on each card and then had her decorate the white card stock any way she liked and then she glued it to the front of the blue card. The only thing I did was cut out the paper for her.

She wrote her name on the inside of the card and I will finish it by writing a personalized note.

Bigfoot is fascinated with the word "toot", so she had to write it on the front of each card. We used the child safe washable ink stamp pads from our collection to make the finger prints and then she used washable markers for making faces and design work.

It was bath night so the dye from the ink pad washed off in the bath. Since she was using several colors on her same finger, it probably would have taken several washings for the ink to come off if it was not bath night.

Try this project with your children and make bookmarks and your own homemade cards.

You can visit Bigfoot and Pickle Face's storefront to purchase the washable ink pads. Have fun stamping and crafting with your kids.

Bigfoot's Birthday Party - Tie Dye

Bigfoot is turning 5 in June. Hard to believe, as it seems like she was born just yesterday. I put together her first 2 1/2 years of her life into a photo book ordered here at for $19.95 plus shipping, what a deal.

Bigfoot's birthday party theme was tie dying and we sure had fun. Since I was running the party, it was so hard to get pictures but here is one of the birthday girl and then her and a friend actually coloring a shirt.


Coloring shirts ~ lucky she had her shirt on backwards to the dye got on the back as it is a new shirts. I informed the parents to send the kids in old clothes and here Bigfoot wore a new shirt. I was so busy I did not notice.

Here is Bigfoot with her shirt complete. She is holding her doll "Bryce" who has on a tie dye outfit that Bigfoot had as a baby.

I got my supplies for the tee shirts at Shirt Suppliers, make sure it is 100% cotton if using for tie dye. The supplies were ordered from Dharma Trading Company, and I purchased the kit for 50 so I can have extra for other projects later on.

Make sure you prepare in advance so it moves smoothly. I wrapped all the shirts in advance so we had time for other fun things.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.