Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finger Print Cards with Washable Ink Pads

In the prior post you saw pictures from Bigfoot's Tie Dye Birthday Party that was lots of fun.

Of course we are doing homemade Thank You cards, so I gave her some suggestions for finger printing the cards. I wrote the word "Thank You" for her to copy on each card and then had her decorate the white card stock any way she liked and then she glued it to the front of the blue card. The only thing I did was cut out the paper for her.

She wrote her name on the inside of the card and I will finish it by writing a personalized note.

Bigfoot is fascinated with the word "toot", so she had to write it on the front of each card. We used the child safe washable ink stamp pads from our collection to make the finger prints and then she used washable markers for making faces and design work.

It was bath night so the dye from the ink pad washed off in the bath. Since she was using several colors on her same finger, it probably would have taken several washings for the ink to come off if it was not bath night.

Try this project with your children and make bookmarks and your own homemade cards.

You can visit Bigfoot and Pickle Face's storefront to purchase the washable ink pads. Have fun stamping and crafting with your kids.


  1. This is very innovative idea of kids to design cards with fingerprints and that too with washable inks.

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  3. These are looking so inspirational. So creative designs. Can i copy these pictures for printing?

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