Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to School for Bigfoot September 2010

Like everyone else, Bigfoot started school in September. She is now in full day Kindergarten and loving it. Here are some pictures of her before school and her taking the bus home.

Pickle Face wanted his hair like his sister, hence the hair bands and he had to have a backpack like hers. He went to school with us and everyone thought his hair was a "hoot". It did not last long and the hair bands came out.

Here they are together posing for the picture.

Bigfoot posing by herself.

Pickle Face and his trademark smile, usually one eye closed.

We dropped Bigfoot off at school which is less the a mile away. She insisted on riding the bus so she takes it home. This is the first time riding the bus home, she loves it!

Hard to believe that she was a tiny baby 5 years ago!

Have fun and enjoy crafting with the little ones as it brings out the child in you.