Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Day door decoration

Teacher's appreciation week for our school was during the week of May 17th, so as Room Mom I took on the task of decorating the door for the teachers. Bigfoot has some wonderful teachers and what better way to thank them with a classy looking door.

This project took quite a bit of preparation but the teachers really liked the way it turned out so it made it worth the time. I took 2 pictures of each of the kids, one a smiling face and then they made a silly face. On the butterfly I used the smiling face and the flowers were silly faces. The kids had a field trip to the farm that Monday morning, so I took 30 minutes and decorated the door while they were gone. I used glue dots to put up the flower and butterflies so they could be re-used or removed later without any destruction. The next morning when I stopped by the classroom the glue dots did not hold and the majority of my butterflies came down ~ quite disappointing. The glue dots were still sticky but apparently does not get a good hold on card stock paper even though they are considered medium hold. I used tape and put them back up and since then they have not tried to escape.

Here is the full door.

Here is a close up of part of the door.

I unfortunately did not take a picture of the homemade appreciation cards that were made, but they were cute and each kid signed it for the teachers. I also made a paper flower with their picture on one side and a Hershey Kiss on the other side to give to the teacher, they did get to eat the Hershey Kiss later on.

Last project is the end of the year gift which I have completed, yeah! Just need to make the card and I am done for the year. Thanks for visiting!


It has been quite a while since the blog has been updated. Many personal and business things have been keeping me quite busy, so as a result not much updating. Weather has been really nice and here are some pictures of how we spent Mother's Day ~ at the zoo. Bigfoot and Pickle Face had a wonderful time and I have to say it was the best Mom's Day so far.

[Pictures are not the best but you can see the joy on their face~or is that confusion and concentration.]

Bigfoot and her horse.

Pickle Face on his horse.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for following me.