Monday, October 18, 2010

Acorn Necklaces

Saw a cute acorn necklace in the Family Fun magazine and thought it would be a wonderful project to do with the Daisy Scouts. So this weekend we went up-north to find acorns and there were hardly any to be found under the fallen leaves; I think the squirrels got to them. So when we got back yesterday, we went to the local park and found a wonderful stash for our Daisy Scout meeting tomorrow.

Bigfoot & Pickle Face had a wonderful time running around in the woods and finding all sorts of treasures.

Here is our single acorn necklace.

Here is our twin acorn necklace.

Bigfoot & Pickle Face together with a friend.

Pickle Face enjoying the weather and running around.

We have been busy lately, but enjoying the fall weather. Take time to spend with the kids doing fun crafts and creating. Thank you for following!


  1. Cute. Your are cuter than the one in the magazine. Is it tricky to get the cap off. I want to do with project with a class full of 1st graders.

  2. Thanks! By the time I got to the acorns, most of the caps were already off. It is not hard to get the caps off that are on. I checked each acorn to make sure there were no little holes in them because they may be a home for worms and bugs. I used tacky glue and fast grab tacky glue so it would dry quicker; we put some on a paper plate and the girls could dip the head and put the "hair" on and then we squirted glue in the cap and put it together. They then put the face on. For 5 year olds they did pretty good, just needed supervision and good direction. We have 25 girls in the troop, so the size of a class room - the more organized the smoother it runs. The "two" acorn heads came that way, they are not glued together. Have fun!