Friday, August 27, 2010

Biking with Bigfoot

Bigfoot is now officially off of training wheels. She is so proud riding her new "banana seat" bike. Although it is used it is new to her and she does not say anything about the 2 different wheels and the rust on the bike and peddles. The little handle on the back of the bike seat makes it nice to hold the bike up without breaking your back while you are running along side until they learn how to balance on their own. I tried training her with her much smaller bike at the early part of summer and just about broke my back trying to hold her up so I put the training wheels back on.

Here are some photos to enjoy.

She is proud of her seat and is showing mom the cut in the material where she fell.

Showing me her battle wounds, scratches and dings.

Oops, steered on to the lawn.

Riding on her own, whee.

The joy on her face says it all, "I am free". Dad is running beside her to catch her if she falls.

Now she just needs to learn how to stop and get off the bike without tipping over. She moved back to her smaller bike, which makes her look like a big clown on a little bike like you see at the circus, and she is doing great. Soon she will go back to her bigger bike once she gains courage and confidence and the strength to hold it up.

Hope you had a wonderful summer with much learning and crafting.

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