Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mini Pizza Box

These mini pizza boxes are great for gift cards and to put candy and treats into and it will even fit chocolate chip cookies. Make them for a birthday party or a holiday event. You will find this project very simple to put together, the hard part will be deciding on how to decorate it!

Cut a piece of of card stock 6" x 11". On the 6" side score at 1" and 5". Turn the card stock around and on the 11" side score at 1", 5", 6" and 10". Cut on the 11" side shown in red to create the flaps on your box.

Adhere the flaps to the inside of the box.

Decorate your box and fill it with goodies. You may want to decorate the box before you glue it together, as it may be easier especially if you are using embellishments. Have fun!

Here we used stamps from our Bigfoot & Pickle Face Creations Circus and Farm set. Have an idea on a project, feel free to comment! Thanks for visiting.

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