Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pull Treats or Candy Bar Holder

This is a great idea for parties or use as a reward for a great job done. These are also wonderful for teacher appreciation. Have your kids assist as they will have fun decorating, but beware as they may want to eat the treat. Think about making some for a Halloween party~what a great party favor. All the recipient of this wonder pull treat needs to do is pull up on the ribbon and the candy bar will rise!

Cut out a piece of 6" x 7" card stock, this will be the holder for the candy cover. If you want to wrap a "band" around the pouch then cut out another piece of paper or card stock in 2-1/2" x 6-1/2".

On the 6" x 7" card stock, score along the 6" side at 2-3/4" and at 5-1/2". If you are going to use a band around the pouch then score at 2-3/4" and at 5-1/2".

Apply double sided sticky tape to the base and then along the side with the flap and seal it closed. Wrap the band around the pouch and use sticky tape to close. All flaps should be tucked inside and not be seen.

Decorate your holder with additional embellishments, ribbons, rubber stamps and sayings. Punch a hole in the top part of your pouch. Cut a piece of ribbon anywhere from 18" to 30" [depending if you want to make a bow or just a knot ~ bows take more ribbon.

Thread the ribbon through both holes and line up the ribbon to be even size in length on both sides.

Push the candy bar down on top of the ribbon's center and you will see the ribbon shrink on the sides.

Push the candy bar all the way down into the pouch and tie the ribbon with a knot or bow. Pull up on the ribbon [no need to untie the ribbon] and the candy bar will rise.

This project did not take much time so have fun decorating. Whomever you make one of these for will be awed by the fabulous card and the yummy treat.

I used clear rubber stamps from our Bigfoot & Pickle Face Creations Collection, Farm Friends and Circus Act. Child safe/washable ink stamp pad in black was used to stamp the image. Let your imagination run wild and go crazy over this idea. Thanks for stopping by and never stop stamping.

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