Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hint about buying Clear Rubber Stamps

The other day I decided to purchase a set of clear rubber stamps in the alphabet so that I could use them in my kid's craft projects versus printing the sayings off the computer. Since we currently do not carry the alphabet in our clear rubber stamp line here at Bigfoot & Pickle Face Creations, I purchased a small set for $1.49 at the local craft store. It is a small font and kid-like so I though it would work perfect with the card designs.

Much to my dismay, when I went to adhere the clear stamp to the acrylic block [new out of the packaging], it just fell off the block. There was no "stick" left to hold it on to the block. I looked on the package and noticed it was NOT made in the USA. Needless to say, I had a very hard time keeping them on the block and when I went to stamp the image it was not clear at all ~ you could not understand the word.

So a quick note that when you are ready to purchase some clear rubber stamps, buy quality clear rubber stamps. Purchasing the clear stamps is really nice because you can see where you are stamping which is great for kids, yet make sure it is made in the USA as you will get a much better quality stamp then those made outside the USA.

I am terrible at cleaning my clear rubber stamps at Bigfoot & Pickle Face Creations, but every time I get a great image and it sticks wonderfully to the acrylic block with no slipping or falling off. Purchasing quality stamps at a higher price will benefit you in the long run, not only will they perform but with proper care they will be around a long time.

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