Friday, February 5, 2010

Matchbook Valentine

Bigfoot gave to me the other day a "secret Valentine" from an admirer, which was obviously her. So I had to put together something for her from her "secret Valentine". So I quickly put together 2 matchbooks that were a Valentine theme and presented them to her and Pickle Face [similar to the ones below]. Inside their matchbook was a mini Heath Bar that was wrapped with a saying. They were not to eat their treat until after dinner, but Pickle Face snuck his treat in and I found the wrapper later. He let me smell is breath and I knew he was the one that ate it. He is very picky about dinner but he sure loves his sweets.

Here is the matchbooks completed.

Here they are opened. As long as you can put the item in it and close it, use what you want for a filling.

Cut a piece of card stock 1.75" x 5". Score on the 5" side at 2", 2 1/4" and 4 1/2".

Decorate your matchbook and then choose what you want to put inside and staple the treat inside. You can decorate with just about anything you have handy. I used mini Heath candy bars and Life Savors hard candy. If giving it as a Valentine's card, have your child sign it on the inside or the backside.

These are quick and easy to put together and does not require much thought. You can have your child do the decorating, just have them do it over a period of time if they have lots of them to do.

Here was the note from my secret admirer. Boy did I feel special. This was the inside.

This is the front. Oh, she has to put periods at the end of each word ~ cute.

These are great for party favors at a child's party, baby or bridal showers or wedding favors. Quick and easy, I love it.

Have a great weekend and keep stamping and spending time with your children. Crafting with them is fun!

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