Monday, June 8, 2009

Mini Box decorated with Cow rubber stamp

Here is a cute little mini box that was decorated with a clear rubber stamp from our Farm Friends Clear stamp set 2 --SKU#FRM02. You can also purchase this stamp set which is included in the Farm Friends starter kit ~ this is a great deal for starting out your rubber stamp set. We filled the box with edible crayons and gave away as a welcome gift to the new neighbor.

Stamp your image onto white paper [we used card stock], color with washable markers, crayons or colored pencils. Here we used the clear rubber stamp from our farm set and used the black child safe/washable ink pad. Cut out when you are done and set aside.
Print templates below [READ #3 if printing template]. If you want to have no lines and will cut with your paper cutter and scorer, then you will follow the below instructions:
1. Cut 2 square pieces of paper (large is for the bottom, small is the lid). (1) 7"x7" and (1) 5"x5".
2. Score the 7"x7" square 1-3/4" around all four sides.
3. IMPORTANT: Score the 5"x5" square a little bit less than 3/4" from each edge. It will be about 1/16" less so that the lid will be slightly larger then the bottom so it will fit just right. If you do it at 3/4" your lid will not fit. DO NOT SCORE AT OR MORE THEN 3/4". ON THE TEMPLATE ~ you must score it before the dashed line. The dashed line is at 3/4" score just before the dashed line.

4. Cut your corners. On the lid [5"x5"] make sure you cut on the score line not on solid.

5. Fold on the scored edges, fold in your flaps and either glue or double stick tape them down. Flaps will go on the inside of the box.

6. Decorate your box and fill. Here we used leftover paper from both the top and bottom of the box to create a circle and used foam tape under the yellow circle and cow to bring it up. We used card stock paper in yellow for the top and decorative card stock paper for the bottom.
Remember to have fun and use your imagination. These boxes are easy to make and great for party favors. Remember to shop at our online store for all your kids craft supplies when it comes to rubber stamping.
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