Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to make an I Spy Game

You will find this project is so much fun to do with the kids, as they can help choose what to use for the I Spy game pieces. Of course I needed a way to incorporate our wonderful clear stamps into this project so with the use of Shrinky Dinks we were able to condense the size of the image and make it a fun way to incorporate it into the game.

Here I stamped my clear rubber stamp images with Stazon Black ink onto the Shrinky Dink and then colored the images with permanent markers. Stuck them in the oven and cooked them according to the Shrinky Dinks instructions. I used one image from each of the 3 themes we carry, Fun with Fish, Farm Friends and Circus Act. I did a different quantity of each so that they can count how many they see of each when the kids play the game. I drew some pumpkins to add to the fun.

Next, find all the goodies you want to include in your I Spy Game. Use paper clips, safety pins, coins, beads, buttons, some confetti or whatever else you can find handy~don't forget your Shrinky Dink images.

I cut a circle of different sizes from coordinating card stock ~ so that I could layer it later and give my I Spy Game some durability. If you are unable to do a circle, then a square will work just great! Use an Exacto knife with a ruler to cut out the square.

Then clip all pieces of card stock together to layer it.

Cut your layered pieces into a square and then glue them all together. I used a little bit of glue on each sheet around the circle area. I cut another plain piece of card stock the same size as my finished layer pieces to use for the back. Do not put the back on yet!

Glue a clear sandwich bag onto the back of your layered card stock, glue just around the square part and then fill the bag with your "treasures". Use glue to put the back on to cover the baggie and then I used clear packing tape all around the edges to seal it up [framed it]. You can make a note of how many items you put inside the baggie before you seal it up; I did not as some of the pieces do not show because I left the baggie square. Ask your child "how many yellow paperclips can you find", as it is a great way to re-enforce counting.

Have fun with this project and take it on trips as a way to entertain your child~it does not take up much space. Kids crafts are fun when you include your children and rubber stamping can be incorporated in almost any project :).

Thanks for visiting and fill free to comment on this project. Visit our storefront to purchase your stamps today or stop at our website to find out more about us. Never stop stamping!

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