Monday, January 25, 2010

Small Templates ~ Barn, Fish Bowl and Circus Tent

I was asked by a friend if I could entertain the kids that came into their grocery store during their grand opening by having some type of kids craft project using Bigfoot & Pickle Face rubber stamps.

I designed some templates for them to stamp on to, then they colored them in and put them onto the bookmark with a glue stick. I did not have my camera along to capture them rubber stamping and coloring, so here are my samples.

Some if the kids were reluctant at first to sit down, but once they started stamping and coloring there was no stopping them. Although I was not there to sell, one mom did buy my display sample of the Farm Friends stamping kit and another clear stamp set to compliment the kit. She emailed me and said that her kids rubber stamped all day Sunday and today [no school today].

So below are the templates that I used for the bookmarks. Right click and save them to a folder on your computer, print out, cut and decorate. As for the backing for the bookmark, I just cut a piece of card stock that was a bit larger then the image and put a decorative top border to give it color. I then cut at and angle to give it a "tag" look. I was going to hole punch and put decorative string or ribbon through the hole but did not have enough supplies that coordinated with it. Instead I used a punch that I had laying around and glued it to the top part of the tag. Use your imagination and what you have handy and you will be amazed at what you can create.

Barn Template

Circus Tent Template

Fish Bowl Template

I tried to put as many images on a sheet as to not waste paper. I printed it on white card stock, but regular white printer paper should work. The templates are a copyright 2010 of Bigfoot & Pickle Face, I just did not want to print it on the template and have it print out on your final copy. Feel free to use the templates, just give me the courtesy and credit of mentioning my name if you are going to post it somewhere on the web. The fish bowl is sold as a stamp on Bigfoot & Pickle Face storefront, if you would like to purchase it as a stamp. You will need a 4" x 4" acrylic block for the stamp.

Later this week I will post additional templates with the images enlarged, so you can add additional rubber stamps to the scene.

Thanks for stopping by and following my blog [or if you stumbled upon it ~ yeah!], feel free to pass this on to your family and friends and happy stamping!

P.S. the kids artwork looked quite a bit better then mine, as they don't worry about the little things that us adults do.

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