Monday, March 29, 2010

Award Craft Project

Bigfoot has been waking in the night to have us cover her up. So about 2 weeks ago, I told her that if she slept through the night consistently and covered herself up and did not wake us up, she would get an award at the end of the week. Well it turned into a competition with Pickle Face. Everyday she wants to know if he slept through the night. So we started to tally it on the calender and I had to extend the competition another week because she had more points them him ~ she woke us up more.

So I combined two easy projects together and created this award. Depending on who sleeps through the night without interruption, they get to sit up on the higher block. Bigfoot was on the lower block but it was bothering her and she wanted to move to the taller one, so I accommodated her as she did sleep through the night the day prior. She said Pickle Face could sit on her lap.

How Does She? is where I got the idea for the wood blocks. I took some short cuts and wanted to sand some more and stain the exposed wood, but ran out of time. I can do it later if it bothers me. How Does She? has some wonderful ideas and fun things, go visit their site HERE. I did not have 2x4 so I used what I had in my garage.

For the instructions on how to make the "figures" see Claudine Hellmuth's site HERE. I watched the Martha Stewart episode and it was very helpful. I did not have the glue that was listed so I used E6000 and it worked. I printed the pictures in black and white to my laser printer and did not use the copier. Bigfoot is not a big dress wearer, so I put pants on her. Claudine has some fun ideas on her blog which is HERE.

Have fun and don't forget to work on your rubber stamping projects. Great way to make Easter cards. ~ Cheryl

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