Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tattoo Body Markers

New product added to our storefront. Washable~Temporary body tattoo markers. They come in a pack of 6 fun colors: blue, orange, black, green, pink and violet. Like all of our products these are made in the USA.

Here we stamped an image from our clear rubber stamp fish set on to the skin with our child safe/washable ink pad and then colored in with our tattoo markers. Roll the image on to the skin so it does not smear.
These markers are gentle on the skin and washes out easily. Use these tattoo markers at your next party! Have fun, and remember to use your imagination.

Don't forget, we are running 20% off for the first 20 orders ~ use code BLOG20 during checkout.


  1. do these work for body graffiti pieces?

  2. how long do the markers last on skin? until washed? i have a friend who wants a tattoo but she is being very smart about it, saying, she knows she may regret it or not want it a few days in her life. so i told her she could have a plastic stencil made of the tattoo she wants and color it in every day that she does want it. she loves the idea, but again, her being very smart about it, is worried about ink poisoning or about skin cancer, which is why im helping her find markers safe for skin, but that wont just wear off, like "permanent" markers like sharpie, but safe for skin.

  3. your children are beautiful! imagination can certainly inspire great things! like this blog!!! my children love the markers! i saw this, and just got the crayola washable non toxic markers, and they had a blast, being "tattoo artists", since my husband has a small tattoo on his bicep, they SAFELY, were "just like daddy". my boys and my sweet little girl both colored eachother and then enjoyed the soapy bubbly bath they each got to take! wonderful activity that kept my 3 wild munchkins entertained for several hours until bath time, and then dinner time

  4. I don't know of anything that is permenant that is in a marker form.